EPISODE 4 – Mantra Meditation For Abundance & Prosperity – Law Of Attraction Meditation

WHAT DOES SUCCESS MEAN TO YOU? In this episode, we explore this by doing a simple and powerful mantra meditation…


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When we chant any mantra, there is much more going on than we can acknowledge! Apart from mantras being a great focal point for meditation, it also stimulates the meridian points in our mouth and has a great effect on our body and energy systems. At the bottom of this post, there is a link with more information. Chant, release and feel the transformation!


Har Har Har Har Har


Creative Infinity

This bij (seed) mantra represents the Infinite in its creative form. When you chant ‘Har,’ just behind the tip of the tongue hits the upper palate and stimulates the meridians on the roof of the mouth to synchronize the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. This is acupressure and is a central part of the science of Naad yoga or the yoga of mantra and chanting. This specific acupressure point is stimulated to activate a functional intuitive mind and welcomes prosperity – This mantra is used for a very powerful prosperity meditation. It is also a mantra that develops will power and abundance.

Chant this for 3-11 minutes. Feel the energy building in your Solar Plexus and work with the fire element. This meditation will allow you to chant through fears, barriers, doubts – and open up our energy space for the new to come. Set your energy with this mantra, whether it is just for 3 minutes a day or the full 11 minutes. Try it for the next 7 days (or more) and create a journal practice around it to track how you are feeling.


Some food for thought as we try out the tips in the podcast

  • What does SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE mean to you?
  • What barriers do you face to attract more of it into your life?
  • Gow much do you trust the process and your Self?
  • What regular daily actions and habits support you to attract more abundance in your life?

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