PODCAST – EPISODE 13: 3 Journal Exercises To Create SUCCESS

What does SUCCESS really mean to you? Explore through journal inspiration and reflection questions…


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This is a juicy topic that acts as a foundation for changes we might want to make…

Get clear on what SUCCESS means to YOU – Not what it means for anyone else! We can go through life trying to build a life of success according to other’s expectations of us or we can make a choice to decide and define our own life and what success means.

With these exercises, I suggest using meditation – Try using a form of visualisation to feel and create your image in your mind’s eye of what this means to you. Over time, this can change – but as a journal experience, it can be a great point of reflection and awareness!



Before we reached 18 years of age, we start to build a picture of what being an adult could be, what a successful adulthood would look like, plus gain some ideas of what to do with our life. Depending on your age, this is a great place to start to see where the roots of your ideas and life goals came from – and why/what shaped your idea of what success means.

If you are in your teens or younger – What do you feel success is to you and who/what is inspiring you?

If you are above the 18 years old now – What goals did you set for your Self back then? And what/who influenced and shaped your ideas?

If you are in your mid-30s or older – Did you have any turning points or realisations about your life around the Saturn return period (roughly between age 27-32)?

How has your general definition of “living a successful life” changed in your personal and work life? Was it due to life changes or by choice?


The key question is: Does your definition of success (with the actions, goals and aims that come with it) match with what you truly need and value in life?

Many times, we may want to achieve certain things in our personal and work life, yet they might not always be what we really want or inspire us because of this. If we are clear about what really makes us happy, fulfils our needs and what makes us feel value… then we can start building from this point.

In your journal, write a few headings for lists – For both your personal (family, relationship, friendship etc) and work (job position, income, work environment etc). In each list, write down what needs are important to you and what value means to you.

Don’t forget to write a list of what you love, value and appreciate about your Self – Your personal good qualities, your skills etc. Even if what you are doing right now is not what you want, you have and are learning plenty of life lessons along the way too – don’t forget to include and value this too.


Fear of failure is a big barrier – Sometimes it actually stops many of us even attempting to try or put our foot forward in the next step. If we look at people who have reached high levels in any sector or area of life, it usually came with a lot of failure first. So, let’s get very honest with our own fear of failure.

Does fear of failure affect you in any way?

If failure, money, time and energy was not an issue – what would you do with your life now?

What is the worst thing that could happen if you fail in your next step? And what plan could you do next?

Think back to the last time you failed – What lessons did you learn?

What small actions can you do now to move forward with building success in your life?

Always remember, you are an amazing soul on your own life’s journey – Don’t let anyone put you down, define you or take control from your life. You are strong, worthy and beautiful just as you are now – Whatever success means to you is an extension of who you are. Be-You-To-FULL!

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