PODCAST – EPISODE 2: Self Love & Energy Awareness

WHAT DOES SELF LOVE MEAN TO YOU? In this episode, we explore this and how energy awareness plays a key role…


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What does the words “Self love” and “awareness” mean to you?

Awareness is a foundation for truly connecting to our heart and Self-Love. As empaths, we do love deeply and our Heart Chakra does process a lot of energy in a daily basis… We have so much to offer the world, but it is vital that we are pro-active in our own Self-love exploration with both our hearts and our awareness.

In this podcast, we will try a few simple tips to deepen our awareness, through our senses, intuition, our body and more. Have a pen and paper at hand to jot down anything that comes up for you. And be prepared to try an exercise for the next 7 days to explore any patterns of energy exchanges you are experiencing… 



Some food for thought as we try out the tips in the podcast

  • Am I operating from my negative, positive or neutral mind?
  • In my daily life, who/what drains, inspires or stays neutral with my energy exchange?
  • How aware am I of how my body stores stress, emotions and energy?
  • What are my earliest memories of being aware that I am an empath and highly sensitive soul?

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