VIDEO: Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Gemini energy is an air sign, connecting to the mind. This is an audio-video meditation where we will invite our mind to show up and play!

Happy Lunar Eclipse! The energy feels extra strong now with the eclipse season we are in. I invite you to tune in and listen to this meditation, both the introduction and the actual reflection meditation, where we will look at the way we connect with our mind. Gemini always deals with quick mental energy so these tools will come in handy, especially with processing everything during these transitional (and often challenging) times.

Reflection Question: How would you describe your mindset?

Imagine how many thoughts we have each day… Our thoughts, consciously or unconsciously, have the power to change and transform the way we live. We can make decisions or start to see things through different angles, we can start to notice what patterns/cycles we go through in our daily life and we can also start to make space to ground our energy if we are too much in our headspace (which has become the norm in these times).

Many times, spiritual practices (like meditation) focus on having a quiet mind or being in a state where we no longer are connected to our thoughts. What if we started to use our mind as an active tool to our soul and intuition instead? Enjoy the meditation!


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Take a moment to write down what came up for you when you tuned in to what the negative, positive and neutral minds are.

Which one/s do you normally feel you connect with more?

At this moment in time, which one describes the way you feel?

In remembering a past situation, what observations did you make about connecting to your memories back then and the mind?

In making any decisions now, which are the negative and positive mind observations you are feeling?

Write down any other thoughts!

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