JOIN US! Taurus New Moon Online Ritual

Join our new group to try my latest ritual meditation!


Taurus, the earthly grounding energies into the Heart Chakra, ruled by Venus and its qualities! It’s about simple comforts, enjoying the senses, what we value and of course – what we love! I will be mixing ASMR and an energy meditation together… You can join in with your own Self-love tools.


– Your favourite essential oil
– Your favourite incense/sage /palo santo stick
– Your favourite crystal
– Your journal for reflection questions

Don’t worry if you can’t bring them, you can always share the energy in the ASMR with mine!

To join in, I will be posting the video in my new group – Join us here!

The video will be posted up on Wed 22nd April – 8pm London time / 9pm Barcelona time. I tried to pick a time that works with most time zones.

Check your time here

If you miss this time, don’t worry… I will keep it posted up in the group.


Tell us what you think here!

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