Online Course: 7 Day Meditation Course For Empaths

Only $8.88 Energy Exchange – Receive daily energy meditations and energy exercises to work on – This course is all about learning how you exchange energy in your every day life and provides practical tools and reflection work.


7 Days Of Energy Meditations & Exercises

This is set up to be a practical course, providing tools that you can use in your daily life for bringing awareness as to how you use your Chakras, your energy exchange and how to avoid draining your energy.

After 13+ years of working as a professional energy therapist and yoga teacher, this is my passion! Not only has it helped me to work with my sensitive energy, but I started to notice that most of my therapy clients and yoga students were interested in this topic.

🌟 What this course offers:

A daily meditation to try in the morning – Each day we work with a different topic and Chakra

An energy exercise to do each day – The key is AWARENESS of your energy exchange.

Reflection questions for your journal writing in the evening – Hold space for your Self to reflect and observe how you use your energy daily.


🌟 What you will need:

An email to receive your daily tools and meditation.

Some time in the morning to do the meditation, to read the energy exercise and reflection questions for the day.

Make space each day to try the energy exercise during your normal daily routine.

A new journal to write in the evening.

… And an open heart and mind! ❤️


Any questions, get in touch: Contact Tera –

 🌟 $8.88 energy exchange.

Enjoy! ❤️


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