Get Your Diary Out: 2012 UK Holistic Events Not To MIss!

How has 2012 been so far for you? The good times are just about to begin lol…

I have this ritual at the beginning of each year where I get out my new diary (LOVING my We’Moon Diary!) and mark down every music/arts festival, creative event, holistic expo and annual meetings dates I can get a hold of in advance (plus the tickets if I have some spare £s from Xmas!) – I guess it kind of makes the year more exciting when you know what’s coming up and all the fun that’s just around the corner lol 🙂

So… get your pen and diary out and mark these down 🙂 … Here are some from my list of holistic events (important: please do check the websites nearer the date as last-minute changes/cancellations can always happen 🙂 )

21 – 27 May: National Vegetarian Week – Across UK (website)

30 May – 4 Jun: Mind Body Spirit Festival – London (website)

29 Sept: Festival Of Life – London (website)

(London) 28 – 30 Sept & (Essex) 5 – 7 May: Mind Body Soul Festival – London & Essex (website)

20 – 21 Oct: CAM Expo – London (website)

26 – 28 Oct: The Yoga Show – London (website)

And if you’re hungry for more, check out the green events website 

It’s going to be an AWESOME year 🙂

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