The Creative Self ~ Honour It!

The Moon months (Autumn/Winter) are a time that is special for starting up new projects, collecting new ideas and hibernating with creative activities. For this reason, I wanted to re-post my old published article that keeps me focused. Enjoy 🙂

What if creativity had no purpose except to be an expression of you in every waking minute?

What if creativity was already in your life, except you chose to tie it down with other factors?

What if you chose to start to live today (and forward) in the process of awakening and exploring this new found freedom that is creativity?

Where would it take you?

First, a few destructive barriers need to be broken.

Bless your work with good intention.

In good intention, your creativity can be an active expression of Self love. In good intention, you are ready to open a part of you to the world. In good intention, you are free to explore and know that whatever it is you gain from this experience, it will be valuable.

From the minute your idea evolves, make that conscious decision to bless your work with love and set the intention.

The next bit is easy – watch as the intention grows!

Break free from the need to feel approval of any kind.

Seeking approval of others, consciously or unknowingly, can be such a drain to the whole process of creativity. To seek the “YES” from those around you, only serves to be an expression of others and not your Self. No matter what you do in life, there will be those who like it and those who don’t – that’s ok. It’s not something that needs to be controlled in any way.

Why does it seem that the people closest to us are often the source of expectation and our approval-seeking?

It becomes a two way cycle – We expect them to automatically approve and they expect us to be the same fixed person that they have grown to love. As you increase your creativity, there is a rapid shift out of this cycle as others will naturally evolve with your creativity and the freedom that comes with that. This is not always an easy process as both sides face something new and the challenges that follow. Some people prefer to resist this. If you find this is happening to you, return to good intention. Remind them that your creativity is a tool to share who it is that you are with them, with love and greater connection.

Cut out any form of negativity in your life.

Observe your feelings in every situation or with any person – what is it telling you? Be honest.

Did you feel good before, during or after this connection?
And why?

As far as possible, try to eliminate any source of negativity in your life. If you can’t, find a way to change your thoughts to mentally cut it out or to find your purpose behind it.

For example: You don’t like your boss at work, this person makes you feel extremely negative and angry. This is not something you can avoid as you don’t want to change jobs, the money is good and it brings you stability in other parts of your life. The new purpose could be – This is only temporary, I know that this job is a financial source to achieving my dreams in another part of my life. I am able to release my stress from this situation because there is a reason behind why I am here.

Think of all that time wasted with negativity and bad thoughts, when you could have spent it on creating every minute in a positive way.

Express your freedom of choice at every minute.

Your most valuable tool is choice. You have the choice at this moment to do whatever it is that you want to do to make this moment work for you. What seems like a pointless minute could have been used to say an affirmation. What felt like a negative moment, might have been an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. A boring bus ride could easily be a chance to visualise a goal.

Creativity will seek to work with your right to choose so that you can live the life you want, the way you want. Let your creativity enter each minute, to challenge your Self in finding new ways to choose ways of expressing you.

Honour the flow, do not force it.

There will be times where you feel you need to rest or that nothing seems to be coming out the way you want it to. That’s fine, really. The more you stress over it, the worse it will become. Just let it flow and release the need and expectation.

Could this be a sign that you need to focus your attention to something else?
Is this a good time to rest and return to inner work?
What if this is a sign that you need to just relax and have some fun?

The creative block is there for a purpose, telling you to work on something else. Before you do that though, set your mind rolling and ask the question – What is the next step to this project? Repeat this in your mind for a minute and then release it.

When the time is right, your creative mind will return with answers.

Do not compare your work with anyone or anything – remain an individual.

You do not need to compare your journey with anyone else’s. Free your Self from this and you’ll find that you can appreciate where you are right now.

Right now, you are where you should be and you can choose to take it anywhere you like. Let your creativity guide you to finding the right steps to suit you.

You, like your creativity (and anything that manifests from it), are unique.

Honour it 🙂

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