Beginning The Vegetarian Journey

Starting out the journey to a vegetarian lifestyle is a big step and each person will have their own reasons for wanting to do it. If you are curious to learn about it or to try it, here are a few helpful hints on how to get started!

Reflections of the new journey.
This is going to be a time of transition and adjustment where you will be experiencing something new and learning from it. It is often assumed that this transition into vegetarian lifestyle is mainly to do with physical changes – the food of choice, the environment, new friends that you may make. This will also be a transition in many other ways, from within. And this is where all change begins. Take the first moments of your decision to go vegetarian as an opportunity to reflect on your emotions and what you want to achieve. Think through your path – see your Self as you begin to explore it. Visualisation is a great tool to help you mentally prepare your Self for this new step.

Be a healthy vegetarian, not a junk food vegetarian!
Just because you are going to eat a vegetarian diet, it doesn’t mean that you will be healthy. There are many junk food vegetarians out there too! The key is everything in moderation. Stick to what you know is good for you. It can be easy to make the mistake of eating too many of one particular food type when cutting out meat or fish. There are still plenty of choices out there for vegetarians, don’t limit your Self.

Take it slow.
Not everyone will start the process overnight. This may be a gradual process so be gentle with your Self to begin with. Like everything new, this will take time to adjust to and to learn. You may find that there needs to be a few adjustments to your habits and food desires. You might even find that your appetite changes. This is all normal. Have fun exploring and don’t feel the need to pressurize your Self to rushing into this new way of eating and living.

Gradually replace your food for vegetarian options.
A good way to start is to gradually replace certain foods for vegetarian options. You may choose to start off by cutting out on certain meats first or just eating fish to begin with. You might find it helpful to gradually increase your vegetables and fruit intake. A fun way of discovering what you like to eat is to go out shopping and exploring new things for your Self!

Take a visit to your local health food shop and watch out for the labels.
Taking a trip to your local health food shop is a sure way to begin the process of learning. There is so much to take in as you will discover. Feel free to ask questions too as there is usually always someone nearby to give advice on the foods and products that they sell. You might like to take a few leaflets too. Supermarkets also have a wide range of foods for vegetarians. Watch out for the green V sign or other labels on the packets which indicate that this is suitable for vegetarians. Now is a good time to slowly scan through labels and get familiar with food content.

Do an online search.
An easy and cheap way to look up for information is to do a search online. There are many websites out there to enjoy learning about the vegetarian lifestyle. Packed with helpful tips, ideas, community forums and recipes, you are bound to find something that you can use on your journey.

Share with loved ones!
As with every new step, it’s a great joy to be able to share with family and loved ones in your life. Have fun, enjoy the process, be patient and with time you’ll discover if this is the right journey for you!

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