Kundalini Meditation For Protection

Keep your energy strong, protected, grounded and in tune with your heart!

At the heart of Halloween and Scorpio New Monn time (as well as many traditions that connect to the ancestors and the unseen), I thought it would be perfect to share this meditation!

Having healthy boundaries is NOT about shutting down our energy – Instead, it is about radiating our own energy. This is important to remember! This meditation is the perfect meditation to set intentions and remind our Self to be fully present in our heart space. Our energy is always exchanging with our external world so having simple (yet powerful) tools in place can help us navigate our daily life in a much more grounded way. Enjoy!



I HIGHLY recommend making this meditation part of our regular practice! Starting our day doing Sadhana with this can make all the difference! Also, using a journal can help us explore what comes up for us on a deeper level.


Let me share some reflection questions that I love to use with this meditation. Before you begin, take a moment to also tune in and see what has come up for you recently where you have been triggered or challenged with your own boundaries.


  • What have I been holding on to that I want to release?
  • What do healthy boundaries mean to me?
  • Where can I release my need to shut down my energy?
  • With who do I have healthy energy exchanges and connection to?
  • How can I better support my Self to


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