Two-Stroke Breath To Connect The Subconscious And Intuition (24 Mins)

This meditation is wonderful when we are doing some internal clearing and open to guidance!

I feel like it balances out our inner and outer connections very welcome… And opens space for Shadow Self in a healthy way.

SO much of who we are goes on behind the scenes, in our subconscious and intuitive Self... Gaining the awareness and having the tools to connect with this side of our Self is like finding treasure! And this is a simple, yet very powerful meditation that offers us this portal. I am absolutely including this in my short meditations series!

Try this meditation with me and use our journal reflection questions afterwards!

Benefits Of This Meditation

“It’s a difficult exercise, but use your diaphragm and breathe those two strokes really powerfully to open up the clogged center. Use your breath to help your pituitary. The pituitary, which is stimulated by focusing at the end of the nose, has to adjust. Give it a chance. It’s not the time, it is just doing it. It is not the practice, it is perfecting it. This can give you a strength which you never had before.“

The Ajna Chakra (also called the Sixth Chakra and the Third Eye) is the seat of intuition. Ajna means “to command,” so the Ajna Chakra is the command chakra. Kundalini Yoga strengthens a person’s intuition by developing the Third Eye allowing a person to command his or her own life and go in the direction that he or she wants to go.

The Ajna Chakra is where the the major channels of energy (the ida, the pingala, and the sushmuna) all come together. The Sixth Chakra is a power center that awakens the Third Eye, giving a person the ability to see with more depth in perception and scope in the subtle words. The Ajna Chakra is represented by light and when developed, gives a person mastery over the duality of the mind. Pranayam (breathing exercises) moves energy throughout the body, opening up any clogged chakra or energy center, and gives a person newfound strength to live his or her destiny.

Meditation Video

Take a moment to set an intention to allow your intuition to be fully open…

✨ Journal Inspiration

Journal writing after our meditation practice is a way of releasing, grounding and keeping track of what came up. Here are some reflection questions you can use for your journal writing:

🦋 How did I feel before and after this meditation?

🦋 What emotion/s and/or thought/s came up during this meditation?

🦋 Is my intuition pointing me in any direction?

Try this meditation every day for the next 7 days and see how you feel – Feel free to extend the meditation time or the number of days (to 40 days) if you feel drawn to do so! Sat Nam🙏🏽

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