DO YOU EXPERIENCE ANXIETY? During this Aquarian New Moon, I want to share my thoughts and tips on anxiety…


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During these transformational and challenging times, many of us are feeling anxiety…

Part of the energy of moving into the Age of Aquarius is taking care of our mental health ...

Now, more than ever, people are opening up about their mental health care and issues – And anxiety is one of the most common things that many of us experience. We need to take care of our mental health and one way of doing this is to track and bring awareness on a daily basis of how we are feeling – to really tune in and get to know our Self.

In this episode, I talk honestly about my own experiences and what helped me – I also offer some tips so that you can explore your own journey with anxiety.


Getting to know your anxiety…

I invite you to keep track of your anxiety levels for 1 month (or more) – using a journal. By doing this, you can see and get to know what triggers and changes your anxiety and energy levels. Take this as an opportunity to get to know more about your Self!

Reflection questions you can ask your Self every day:

  • This morning, from 1-10 (10 being the most anxious), how is my anxiety?
  • During the day, has anything triggered or changed my anxiety levels?
  • Am I picking up any challenging energy from my environment or external world?
  • Who makes me feel inspired or drained today?
  • When I start feeling anxious, are my thoughts channelled into the future, past present?
  • Can I write down 20 things that I can do to calm or re-channel my anxiety energy?
  • Where do I feel anxiety in my body?

Add as many other things as possible to your daily journal entry. Use this as a personal awareness exercise and experiment. Over time, start to notice if there are any patterns that keep coming up – both positively and challenging.

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