Create An Affirmation Letter

Many of us have heard of using affirmations to manifest and attract what we want in life. This is a great journal exercise to use affirmations and explore your vision even more!

There are many times in my life when change is needed – and when I get the urge to make the bigger, scary, challenging changes – then this tip always come into practise 🙂

Writing is a very powerful tool – it helps release/create our truth and grounds us. It also helps to clarify our thoughts/inspirations, so we are not holding them within – which can have a counteracting effect by becoming confusing!


✨ How to create this affirmation letter?

Affirmations are very positive as they re-wire your thought patterns and break through fears, which may have been stopping you from going for what you want. When you write an affirmation letter, you are basically writing as if you are in the future and explaining what you have in your newer version of your life.


✍🏽 Let’s get started!

First, let’s do a visualisation meditation. Sit in a quiet place and let your mind day-dream as to what you would like to invite into your life or how your life would look/feel if you had what you wanted.

If you haven’t got any specific ideas yet, just focus on the feeling aspect – what would make you feel good in your new life? How would you feel to have the life you want (even when you are not sure what it is yet).

You don’t need to do this just once – it may take a few attempts or a few days/weeks/months to get the visualisation that makes you feel truly connected and happy with what you want to invite in your future. Take your time and enjoy this process 🙂

When you are ready and have a clearer idea, get a piece of paper and write a letter expressing these visualizations as if you are living it right now.

You can address the letter to your Self, to a friend or family member – but this will remain a personal private letter that you will keep and read anytime you need some motivation.

It’s best to keep the words filled with positive feelings only and general – so you can invite what is right for you (which might be completely different from what you think is right for you – the Universe/You-In-Verse works in strange ways!).

For example: I want $5000 to travel around Europe… Instead, you could write: I am now fully financially supported on my travel journey through Europe.

⚡️ Don’t forget to enjoy the present moment too!

It’s easy to get caught up and enjoy the future now – which is the whole aim of this letter! But don’t forget to live your life now… and to be pro-active daily!

NOW is the moment when you can create your future. Therefore, as well as visualising/writing your letter, ask your Self daily: What small step can I do today to make this reality happen?

You are at this stage in your life for a reason… to create the solid foundations of the future. Enjoy this moment, do things that inspire you, explore your Self and make changes to your letter as needed.

When you have written your affirmation letter… keep in an energised private space (like in your meditation space) and take it out any time you need a reminder or motivation for your dreams 🙂

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