Winter Solstice 2013: Age Of Aquarius ~ How To Transition!

It was this time last year that the energy shifted BIG-time! 🙂 Remember? The new beginning (or ending as some liked to focus on) was upon us… and we waited, it happened and the year 2013 passed… all in such a mass speed of light it seems 🙂 And a year on, there is a lot of reflection work to do about what 2013 has shown us… what it brought, what actions we took and what shifted in our own life.

As you may already know, I’ve been digging deep into Kundalini yoga and the beautiful information that is given about this era… I see the transition everywhere too – not just in my clients – but also, in my own Self. This year has been a turning point I think – the signs of the times are getting much more *real* as more businesses I’ve loved have closed down, the education system is changing all the time, more people I know are moving (both physically and within) and the urge to expand is greater!

We are in  point of energy transition

Transition times are never easy – even if you usually embrace change. Transition times mean that we are forced to make and re-access our choices – both from the past, present and future. 2013 is when the work really began – to take responsibility for Self – and everything we are connected to on a larger scale. So it’s not just about “Me”… Turn the M upside down and it’s now about “We” 🙂

Below are some tips from the Kundalini yoga school of thought and my own tips that you might find help you too 🙂

Inspiration from Kundalini yoga:

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age [Full reading]

1. 2013: Recognize that the other person is you.
2. 2014: There is a way through every block.
3. 2015: When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. 2016: Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. 2017: Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

The Character Of This Era [Source]

  • Change and learning is continuous and life-long. We must maintain mental. emotional. and physical flexibility.
  • Intellect is not enough. We need a new relationship to intuition, emotion and instinct.
  • Information is not enough. Neither is knowledge. We need wisdom.
  • Learning is not enough. We must learn how to learn.
  • Complexity is increasing as is our need to deal with it.
  • Our sense of personal identity and its foundation is shifting.
  • This is an age of paradox-more global and more individual. with fewer boundaries and more demand for political separations. Everything is faster and we have less time. We need far more love and unity, for we have more fear and tremendous insecurity.
  • Stamina and constant peak performance are the common benchmarks to evaluate all people and their work, and the need is to go inward and regenerate.
  • We require a reconciliation and integration of the spiritual side of life with the technological and material sides-a spiritual fitness to sense values and meaning.
  • There is no isolation. Each action we take must be considered ecologically, and globally, because each person does affect, directly or indirectly, vast networks of people, and other living beings and places.

Here are some personal tips that are keeping me on track, I thought I would share them with you 🙂

We are invited to get back to re-creating  our root Self foundations…

Times like these, where we are all going through transition, will help us grow and create a solid core foundation… which will serve us for the future. It takes time to dissect all the things we have accumulated over our life so far – to see what really matters to our Self and what we can really count on – and expand on.

So, the questions for reflection work begins 🙂

Make time for Self nurture

There are no fast solutions to getting answers or inspiration… but re-connecting to your Self now is as easy as just breathing deeply! 🙂

Making time for your Self to do the reflection work daily is important I think – the more you dedicate some space (even 5 minutes a day) to return to you, the easier it is to listen to your emotions, intuition, urges… to know what makes you feel good and what makes you feel drained. And to ask your Self questions about what this stage in your life can bring – it is a beautiful opportunity to really grow 🙂

Let’s strip everything down!

When you remove all the material attachments and all the external roles you play around you, who/what are YOU? We live in a consumerist society and it can be easy to attach our worth to material things… by the car we drive, the home we own, the job we have, the people in our life and their expectations etc… but if this was all gone tomorrow, what really defines you as a person on your own life journey?

What do you stand for and what attitudes/beliefs do you need to leave behind?… What attachments have your parents/family/society/culture/religious or spiritual upbringing told you were important – and are they really relevant now to you?

Re-define beauty again.

What definitions of your external body are you defining your Self with? Do you feel beautiful without your make-up or the type of clothes you tend to buy?

Media and the images of beauty we are fed daily play a huge part in the trends… about what society/culture/etc sees as beautiful. But what is beauty to you? What makes you *feel* beautiful inside and what is it connected to?

There is no point in comparing your Self to others…

I say this because… we are all in the same boat. OK, someone might have more money than you or might be/have more _______ (fill in the blank) than you – but you probably have qualities and strengths that you aren’t taking stock of. Remember to focus on what you feel grateful for in your life.

This is a transition point for everyone – and each person will feel it differently. And their choices will be the ones that are right for them, maybe not for you.

It’s easy to get caught up in what other people’s expectations of life are… Think about whether your doubts are being filtered through to you by external situations/people or through your own Self instincts.

Focus on *your* gifts and talents to make a difference in your life and to others.


Choose your habits or they choose you.

I read this statement on another blog and it is so true. We all have different habits – some good, some not so good lol 🙂 The habit I am talking about right now is the one that you choose to channel your Self into when you are not feeling good or having a bad day.

Example: if you have a bad day and come home… do you reach for a glass of wine or do you choose to do yoga? I’m not saying either choice is negative in this example, but maybe one will have longer lasting benefits for you… And then there are feel-good habits that can actually be bad for us or have no positive long-term effect at all as they may feel good only temporarily…

Common examples: Spending unneccessary money on things to make us feel good (clothing, shoes etc), over-eating, drug use etc.

The habits we do after the experience of feeling negative will either support us or just be a temporary boost… so choose your habits carefully.

Choose a healthy habit that you can return to that will nurture you when you need to connect to Self love.

So more reflection Q’s for you… What makes you feel good and is actually good for you? What can you channel your energy into to release stress? What triggers certain habits? How do you deal with stress and do you have anything that releases it?

How BIG Is Your Heart?

And after all the reflection questions you just read, what does it come down to when we talk about balancing our energy? – The Heart chakra.

As cheesy and as cliché as this sounds, it is true… Return to your heart… It is a balancer of all your chakras, from the top triangle to the lower triangle – to all the energy connections that surround you.

Use your heart to make your choices, to figure out what feels right for you, to know when to let go or when to step up… And if in doubt when you are about to make a choice, ask your Self this:

“Am I making this choice out of love or fear?” – And see how your emotions, body, thoughts and feelings react straight afterwards. It will show you.

I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice and New Year! 🙂