Energy Forecast: Happy Autumn Equinox 2013!

I probably have said and heard this over and over again, throughout this whole year – every season has been extremely intense this year, ever since the long awaited famous Winter Solstice of 2012.

The key question that has also been coming up is – Now what? We’ve entered this new age, the hype has died down about the famous date and now what?!?

Is it something we need to *work on* to achieve something or is it something that will *just happen* to us?

In observation mode, I’m seeing a little of both from every angle – through talking to my wonderful clients, as well as through my own personal journey. It is tough going… there is no way to sugar-coat it as most of us will have literally been pushed to release or embrace a stage (via internal or external circumstances and events)…

We have had to face our deepest fears and inspirations. We have had to look at change in a new light. And although it does *feel* rather grim at times, there is an equal amount of creativity and beautiful brain-storming explosive energy to balance it out. It’s important to remember this. We can tap into this power-source of positivity just as much as we can channel into the negativity. Our choice is which one to focus on… and as energy flows where our focus goes, it’s a good reminder to work on the channel of your own energy.

So, what happens in Autumn 2013?

Well, we’ve had a pretty icy Winter 2012-2013… and it didn’t stop. In fact, I remember battling through ice and snow for my Spring Equinox workshop and wondering if anyone would bother turning up – and they did! (thank you 🙂 ) Our Winter drew us internally on a whole new level, hibernating our energy to get to the bits within we needed to tap into…

Spring kinda happened lol… depending on where you were. But the energy was very joyous when it did finally arrive. The uplift and lighter days helped us transition into our release-mode. Spring cleaning on a whole new level too 🙂

Then the intense Summer brought it all to our external energy source… Did you release everything you needed to during the Summer? Did the heat burn through your Solar Plexus chakra enough to get the courage/confidence to move into the next stage of your life? Many of you felt a huge sigh of relief/release… and embraced the Solar energy…

But if you still feel you’re not quite there yet with everything you needed to do to enter your new stage, don’t worry! This Autumn is set to be intense too – as Autumn will be about being grateful for the lessons over the last 12 months. It will help start the process of planting new seeds of inspiration for your nw stage – and this will hopefully vanish and shake-off any old energy that is still clinging on…

You may be feeling a little low in energy as we first transition from Summer to Autumn – Again, don’t worry. It’s that adjustment of energy that happens from Sun>>Moon months… some love it and some hate the darker/colder changes. This is very common, as some of us are tuned into certain seasons more than others. This may explain why people experience SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Tips to get your energy flowing when you are feeling low:

  • Keep active
  • Create or return to a nourishing daily Self time routine (meditation, yoga classes, gym etc)
  • Channel your fears and negative emotions in a creative way – through writing or anything that helps you be more present and grounded
  • Keep taking those walks out in nature, watch the season change your local landscape and feel part of it!
  • Invest in a light box or SAD light products to keep you connected to light if you feel you need it
  • Keep your body strong by eating healthy, even when you don’t feel like it!

The Full Moon (Sept 19th) sets the tone for our Autumn…

“The Pisces Moon is about faith, spirituality and intuition. You are being asked to dream, meditate and be creative. Your sensitivity will be heightened. You may have to move away from loud noise, crowds and negative people. Be in nature. This will nurture you.

Have compassion for yourself and others. Your spiritual growth is real. Real growth can feel painful. Your intuitive and psychic muscles are being developed. You may experience psychic moments. Trust your intuition. Trust your gut instincts. The ego mind can keep us in fear. The ego (edges God out). Your Higher Self is never in fear…”  >>> Read full reading here!

Reflection Q: What do you actually need to do to make it (whatever “it” is for you) happen?

September has been about taking responsibility for our actions and dreams – especially  when some of the release of old fears and things in our life have opened us up to what’s left to deal with – This full moon is a gentle way of reminding you to keep going on your journey… you know what you want! Now, you need to connect to your practical side… and Autumn is essential for this as we channel/connect our energy from our Higher chakras (Spring/Summer/Sun months) to our lower (more physical Earth) chakras.

You may need to catch up on some paper work, tie some loose ends, do some boring chores, get back to the 9-5 job or school/college after holidays etc… it may feel like a little bit of a crash landing into the reality of our physical life after a glorious sunny Summer – but remember, these steps are important too! Now is the perfect space to make the to-do lists and connect with your resources again… network, be pro-active in getting out there with what you need to do, even if they are boring for now – Each baby step is a step forward! 🙂

We are reminded to keep flexible – We may know where we want to end up on our journey – but we need to embrace the trust element of how we get there… it’s not always from A-to-B-to-C in exact steps… the Universe sometimes has better plans for us while get to the final point… By being open (while being practical), we can tie the Higher Self chakras (our spiritual Self to the Universe and law-of-attraction) to our lower Earth Self (being productive, inspired, hard working)… not an easy mix to get right sometimes! 🙂

The colours – deep shades of yellows, oranges, greens, reds…

The colour of the seasons will point out exactly what mood, chakra and energy you need to connect with…

Greens – Heart centre, Yellow – Solar plexus, Orange – Emotional centre, Reds – Physical grounding centre. (Chakra info)

Reflection Q: Watch the colours you are drawn to… how do you feel when you connect to them?

The key is to practice grounding… Ground your Self with your colours, emotions, aims etc. By being grounded, we appreciate every baby step we are taking now… we are grateful for having the courage and choice to make each step count. Each step is a bautiful thing to witness and be present with. This is how you will fully learn what you need to while we get “there”. After all, is “there” a final point?

When we are Self-evolving, there is no end point… we just keep growing, transitioning, changing… embrace the restless or nervous emotions that can come with change. It’s a power-house of energy and excitement if you learn to see this feeling/urge as a positive thing… now what will you channel this energy into at this present step in your evolution? Grounding will help you!

Would you say the same thing to your best friend?

On many of my sessions these days, I’m drawn to ask this question to my clients – because 9/10 times, the things we say to our Self (through negative/critical mind chatter) are the words we would never dream of saying to a best friend if they asked for an opinion.

A visualisation to try:

If you’re stuck, unsure of what to do, feeling rubbish and down… take a moment to imagine that your reflection is sitting opposite you and is your best friend asking you for advice. What would you tell your best friend who is in the very same position?

Be very very gentle with your Self 🙂

And if you do have a crappy day, your body is probably asking you to rest and be mindful of your inner needs. Take this time to nourish you, give your Self some space and don’t feel guilty about it. Autumn will remind you to charge your own batteries regularly first so you can pass your beautiful energy on to the world in a fully nourished state of Self.

Happy Autumn 2013 everyone!

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