Natural Beauty: DIY Facial Massages

Who doesn’t enjoy massages lol? 🙂

… It can also be used as part of your own natural beauty routine – the benefits are fantastic and it’s such a nice way of starting or ending a day in a really relaxed state… I’m now trying to do this daily as part of my night routine.

Natural aromatherapy carrier oils are great to use instead of night creams… a natural way of keeping your skin nourished and healthy! My favourites are organic coconut oil and argan oil.

Another thing I do like to do while giving my Self a facial massage is to focus on my third eye (the point between the eye brows) and use positive affirmations. Very relaxing 🙂

This is a wonderful video to show you the practical side of the techniques to use…

Click image below for video:


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I have a background in Psychology & Stress Management Counselling, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Energy Healing & Empath Energy Coaching. My love for holistic health started in the mid-'90s where I started exploring different topics on a personal level - And then I began working with clients in 2004 after studying. My professional practice started in London/UK where I worked in several clinics, as well as opening my own therapy centre on London Wall. I now live my life between London & Barcelona. For me, the world of holistic health and science is an on-going journey, it always inspires me!

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