A Meditation For Couples

Working with your partner in the healing process is a beautiful thing to do. Here are a few techniques that you can try with your partner.

White Light Bubble

The white light symbolises ultimate healing and bringing good health.

Follow these steps:

1. Both members should face each other and link hands to form a little circle within the two of you.

2. Now imagine that from above a bright and warm white light is falling on each member, starting from the head and travelling down the spine.

3. Take your time to let this white light travel down your spine and gradually feel it cleansing all the chakras as it travels down.

4. Keep your eye contact focussed on your partner and watch the reaction of your partner as they too imagine this white light cleansing their charka system.

5. Focus on your breath while using eye contact. Watch and feel the breath go in and out of the body. Listen as your partner breathes.

6. When you are both at the point where you are focussing on the white light at the bottom of your spine, then it is time to imagine that this white light is starting to circle both members, enclosing the two members in a bubble.

7. Keep your hands locked together.

8. Enjoy the sensation of being in this white light with your partner. Feel the warmth and feel the connection between the two of you.

9. Simply observe your thoughts. Both members should not feel that there is a need to be a result through the process. Like a scientist performing an experiment, simply observe how the body and mind reacts.

10. Stay in this position for as long as you want to.

11. Finally, focus on the breath and imagine that the white light is entering the body with each breath. This will make you feel more connected with the white light.

12. When you both feel completely cleansed, end the exercise with a prayer of gratitude. You may each say this prayer in your silence or share one, speaking the words loudly and slowly.

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