DO YOUR DAILY ROUTINES SUPPORT YOUR JOURNEY? We are exploring simple ways to change them…


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Your life is a series of daily routines and actions that support your growth – Take a moment to take this in.

If you want to make a change in your life, start by bringing awareness to your daily habits. Every single day, we go through different cycles and create new karmic energy through the simple habits we have in place. These daily habits can either support us to grow and nurture our journey – or they can be the very things that act as a block to creating and attracting what we really do want in our life.


  • What are my usual morning routines? – Do you feel relaxed or stressed in the morning? What energy are you starting your day with? Can you wake up 30-15 minutes earlier to reclaim your morning?
  • Throughout the day, what free in-between spaces can you use? – These are short interval times when you are not actively doing anything. For example: Your commute journey on the train/bus, walking in-between places where you do your errands, times when you are using social media, on your lunch break etc.
  • How do you use social media during your regular day? – Do your updates and news feeds inspire you or drain your energy? Could you be using some of that time to do other things?
  • Be honest… Do you feel uncomfortable, selfish, guilty or like you are wasting your time when you spend quality time doing something for your Self? – The next time you do something for your Self, to recharge your own energy or to be alone, observe if you feel anything that takes you away from enjoying it and ask your Self “why?”. Doing small things to recharge your energy battery is an investment as you will take care of your Self and have more to give to others.

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