EPISODE 10 – Tips For Starting A Health Business (Part 1)

Are you thinking of starting a business as a health coach, yoga teacher and/or therapist? Here are some personal energy tips I live by…


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If you are thinking of starting a business in health and wellness, now is the perfect time!

These are exciting time – Especially after the year we had in 2020, this area is set to evolve and grow even more. After 20 years of working in this area and seeing how things have changed, I am confident in saying that there is space for everyone out there to start their journey and work with others.

This is a deeply personal journey – I am sharing some life tips in this podcast. I will make another podcast on the practical tips soon. For now, let’s start bringing in some inspiration and ideas!


  • WHY DO I WANT TO START THIS JOURNEY? I think this is a great place to start, getting clear of your WHY before you take the first step.
  • What area of health and wellness are you interested in?
  • How can you build a solid Self care practice that explores this area more?
  • What qualifications in this area are accredited and available to do?
  • What qualities of others do you admire in this field?

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