Welcome to our online yoga studio! Kundalini Yoga for empaths and highly sensitive people – Energy management and awareness

Welcome to our online yoga studio – We share holistic tools for empowered empaths/HSPs

As a Kundalini yoga teacher, I have found this yoga type to be very special on my journey in learning to manage my energy as an empath, as well as to help me connect deeper to my work as an energy and stress management therapist. Over the years, I have shared this with my clients and yoga students to embrace our natural sensitivity and to help us channel our energy in daily life. This space is to share it with you!

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness and for “householders” – Helping all of us to face our daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses. Kundalini yoga offers quick and effective ways to incorporate these practices throughout our day, to support us in staying grounded and calm in the midst of any unexpected circumstances we may face.

3HO Foundation and IKYTA are the main organisations for Kundalini yoga. All the information here can be found with them.

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It’s time to talk…

The Kundalini Yoga community is going through big changes and healing – We all have a heavy heart. If you didn’t know, it is important that you do. And as a kundalini yoga teacher, I always try to be as honest as possible with my students. which is why I wrote this blog post on many of the things that need to change. I support all the people who have come forward about Yogi Bhajan, my heart goes out to them. This is a time for healing.

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Kundalini Meditation For Protection

Keep your energy strong, protected, grounded and in tune with your heart! Keep your energy strong, protected, grounded and in tune with your heart!

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Two-Stroke Breath To Connect The Subconscious And Intuition (24 Mins)

This meditation is wonderful when we are doing some internal clearing and open to guidance!

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Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas (40 Mins)

This is one of my favourite meditations to do! We will do the full time length for this meditation – Perfect for deep release, strengthening our energy and grounding…

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Kundalini Meditation For A Calm Heart (3 Mins)

Kundalini Meditation For A Calm Heart – The perfect meditation for empaths and HSPs. Connect deeply to our Heart Chakra and tune in!

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