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  • ENERGY AWARENESS TOOLS: Build your empath toolkit

    A collection of holistic tools to explore energy management. How do you use your energy? How can you change the way you channel energy? How can you make most of each day through positive daily habits? What is your dominant Chakra and how do your Chakras flow? Explore empath/HSP topics and build practical holistic tools that you can use as part of your life.

  • ENERGY PROTECTION & HEALTHY BOUNDARY TOOLS: Explore healthy energy flow

    As empaths and HSPs, we can often find that our energy boundaries are one of the main challenges to master. In this section, we will dive deeper into ways to create and keep healthy boundaries in everything that we do.

  • CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS & RELATIONSHIPS: Shine bright with the people we care for

    Our Heart Chakra is powerful. As empaths and HSPs, we do love to share with others from it. Let’s connect and create loving connections with people who appreciate us fully. It’s not always easy and there are many reasons for this… Let’s find out here together!

  • RADICAL SELF-CARE: An essential part of our Self

    Too often, we forget our Self. We get caught up with life, the things we need to do etc. And we forget to put our Self in the do-to list! Not anymore. Radical Self care should be a normal and regular part of our daily life. It may take a little adjustment in how we approach and explore it but the rewards are worth it. Here are some practical and easy routines and rituals we can use to enrich our life and grow in Self-love.

  • MANIFESTING & LAW OF ATTRACTION: It all begins with you.

    Every thought has a vibration. Everything is energy. The law of attraction has now been a popular tool to use for many years. As empaths and HSPs, we naturally have the ability to fine-tune into this IF we know what works best for us. Magnetise what you like in your life with these tips.


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