Chakra Test – Get Personal Results!


Try our chakra test – and get results that are unique to you!

Investment: US $20

One thing that I’ve learned most during the past 10 years of working with energy healing is that everyone is unique and uses their chakras differently! And there are so many factors that affect how we are using our chakra system right now (stress, going through transition, our environment, how sensitive you are to energy, food etc).

Using questions I always work with in my face-to-face consultations, this chakra test is designed to explore where you are now and how to use your energy for complete balance!

How does it work?

Complete the form below with your contact details. We will then send you a Paypal invoice for $20.

We only accept payment via Paypal at the moment.

You will get a confirmation email when payment is made – along with a questionnaire with 50 questions to answer and send to me when you are ready.

All your details are strictly confidential!

I will take my time to look through your answers and analyse them. This can take up to 3 days (as I don’t want to rush this process).

The main aim is to keep your chakra reading practical!

We will work with tools and tips in which you can use in your daily life right now! I find that with many of my clients, knowledge of the chakras is always great – but knowing how to actually put the information into daily practise is even better 🙂

What you will get:

A 2-3 page personalised reading of your chakras that include:

  • If your chakras are working top or bottom heavy
  • How to work with the season/astral energy of the moment
  • Which colours to use
  • Which food ingredients to eat more for chakra balance
  • Protection meditations and tips (if needed)
  • Which chakra/s are your weakest and strongest
  • Which chakra/s you are most connected to
  • And more tips as and when it is needed for your chakras!

If you have any questions regarding this online service, please email me at:

terakauryoga [at]


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