Hello Beautiful Soul!

As always, I love to do special offers during this time of the year. And this year, I have put everything in a much more streamlined online platform for you to enjoy.

March is a HUGE month! We are having a lot of different long-term energy shifts – Which include Saturn moving into Pisces for a few years AND the big one… Pluto moving into Aquarius. Think about how much has changed since 2020 – I’m sure you are not the same person you were before the CV hit us all. And then think back to 2008 – How the larger structures of our world have been shifting, from the financial crash to what we are experiencing now… Pluto transforms and has been working hard to reshape the Capricorn areas since then – Our governments, our banking system, our social structures, and our awareness of who we are on a deeper level. Now that it moves into Aquarius for a longer time, things are going to get very interesting! Challenging yes, but evolutionary for sure – On a personal, social, political and bigger picture level… all connected. We need to stay grounded in transformational times! And we’re all feeling it in one way or another. 

I want to share 3 special offers – I am based mainly in the UK, but my clients are international so I use US $ to make it easier for payment. It is all streamlined in our new online platform. I always have the intention that what I share with you will tune in to the energy shifts and changes of our times, to offer practical and powerful tools to navigate the flow!

Holistic Astro-Chart Reading

$50 (NORMAL PRICE $88.88)

This is a personal reading of your natal birth chart and I try to share many holistic tips and reflections on how to use your natural energy and how to work with any challenges! As we have just entered some new energy cycles for the next few years, I will approach this topic in my readings too so you can see how it personally affects you.

When you fill out the form, use the special offer payment option for this!

Chakras 101 & Self-Care Rituals

$45 (NORMAL PRICE $88)

I am having some great feedback on this! As well as really diving into the Chakra system and learning how to work with our Chakras on a practical level, I also share ways that you can read your own chart in certain places to create Self-care rituals that work for you! 

For example: Someone who has a Fire element moon will approach meditation very differently from another person who has a Water element moon. I explain everything with quizzes and assignments for your journal, plus plenty of journal reflection work! 

Complete beginners welcome! I walk you through the foundations until the more advanced methods that I personally use with my clients in energy healing sessions.

Package For Both!

$80 (NORMAL PRICE $140)

This is a great package if you want to get support in our Chakra course PLUS get an astro reading at the same time! This is the perfect combination to try. Read about both of these with the links above and if you prefer to have both at the same time, we have a special link for you…


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