5 Healthy Habits For Empaths

It’s not always easy being an empath – there is a lot going on! Let’s keep it simple and explore healthy habits to support our energy… Let’s explore!


Each day consists of a series of habits…

Think about it… Take today as an example. How many habits did you go through? Habits make up a big part of our choices and actions each day – They can nourish us and be productive and/or act as a distraction or unhealthy way to channel our energy. We have choice.

As an empath, creating healthy habits for your energy is a great source of power! When we consciously create healthy habits, it becomes like second nature to do every day.

Little and often. It’s not that easy to cut or create habits – Here are some key areas to explore…

🌟 Healthy Tip 1: Set intentions in the morning

Your morning sets the energy tone for the rest of the whole day. So ask your Self these simple reflection questions: How did you start your morning today? Was it peaceful or stressed? What thoughts did you have running through your mind when you woke up? How has the day been so far (as a reflection of your mood this morning)?

Think about easy morning routines that you can stick to… Whether you have the whole morning, an hour or a few minutes free for your Self each morning – Can you squeeze in some routines that will nurture your Self?

A simple tip is to set your alarm earlier to hold space for your Self, before the day begins. It can even just be 10 minutes! This will give you enough time to lie in bed, connect with your breath, set and intentions and maybe even try a 3-5 minute meditation to get the energy flowing in the right way. I will be posting short meditations in this blog so come back and check them out!

🌟 Healthy Tip 2: Grounding your energy

Empaths are usually in their upper Chakra area. Are you mainly in your head space? Are you able to be fully present at each moment?

Grounding will help balance your energy. This is the process of bringing all that wonderful energy from your upper Chakras downwards, helping you release, connect to your body and enjoy being in the NOW moment.

Add quick ways to ground your Self: Examples are walking in nature, placing your bare feet on the ground, wearing earthy colours, getting more physical in your body (like walking, yoga, going to the gym etc), taking a long bath (water is great for enjoying release and purifying).

🌟 Healthy Tip 3: Observe your interactions and energy levels

We interact with many things, people and places each day – How do they make you feel? Every thing is an energy interaction – From the conversations you have, the people you connect with (even those you don’t know who walk past!), the TV/internet/social media/etc technology programs/feeds you tune into, the work place, your home… the list goes on!

The key is in how you feel… After each interaction, do you ever feel drained of energy? Bring awareness to this and maybe this will guide you to the areas in your life where you need to change or release to improve your energy health.

You can’t always change the things around you – but you can bring awareness to them and change the way you react o engage in it. A simple example: You have a boos or colleague at work who constantly drains you energy with their gossiping. You now realise that this makes you feel emotional and drained… so the next time you meet, you can actively change conversation to something more positive to your energy.

🌟 Healthy Tip 4: Connect back to your heart

Your heart is the great energy balancer! If you are feeling low in energy, return to it and breathe into this space. If you are feeling unsure of a decision, return to it and make your choices through love (not fear). If you are connecting to people, radiate from it and allow your Self to glow. If you are feeling bored, ask your heart what it needs to feel connected now. If you are lonely, direct your thoughts into your heart space as a good friend… Let the intelligence of your heart do the work and you will feel the difference!

🌟 Healthy Tip 5: Find ways to release

Release, release, RELEASE! Every empath should have an activity or a way to release their emotions in a healthy way – so we don’t just store it up continuously! The can be in any form – What makes you feel good? What activities make you lose all sense of time when you are doing them? What did you used to do as a child that was fun or creative?

This requires that we keep in touch with our energy and emotions and ask our Self regularly: Is this MY emotions or energy – Or am I picking up someone else’s? 

A simple routine is to journal and write it all out – even when it doesn’t make any sense! This is best with pen and paper… let it ALL go, I mean everything… no one is reading 😜I like to do this before bedtime, allowing anything which has triggered me emotionally to be on paper. Then, I’ll tear it up and feel a great sense of renewal before the day is done. Try it!

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