Autumn In Barcelona [Photos] : Outdoor Yoga, Street Art, Long Walks And More!

I think Autumn is one of the best times of the year to travel – for one, the prices of everything goes down so you save while enjoying more. Plus, the sunshine still hasn’t left many parts of the world… a beautiful time to catch the last of the Summer rays before the cold hits home. Oh yeah… how can I forget that the tourist crowds are much less too… I tend to get really claustrophobic in large crowded spaces where I have no room to just walk at my own pace!

Barcelona is one of my favorite mediterranean spots to visit at this time of the year – Talk to many locals in Barcelona and they will agree that Summer can be a little bit of a nightmare for being in the city… but come Autumn, everything returns back to its usual laid back pace.

Yoga In The Sun

Over the weekend, I headed down to the outdoor yoga event that was hosted by Free Yoga Masterclass at Placa d’Espanya/Plaza de Espana. It was a gorgeous setting and the sun was beaming down. The energy really connected everyone ♥

Street Art And Random Findings

It’s hard to miss some of the street art around town – Some are cute, some are… um, interesting lol! But they definitely add some character into an already creative beautiful city 🙂

Long Walks Around Town

In a few days, we  walked all over Barcelona, from the mountains to the beaches, from one end to the other – This is also made easier if you like to cycle as the cycle routes are so easy to follow and safe. We also managde to get into areas that most tourists avoid, like El Clot which is bustling with local shops and cafes (especially in Carrer del Clot and Parc del Clot).

 …Are you convinced yet?

Come and join us here in Barcelona!

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